Terms & Conditions

1. All work via email please unless you would rather send in a manuscript.

2. Please advise if you want a particular associate.

3. We will advise you on exactly when you will receive your report back.

4. Nothing will be entered into until you are completely happy with the fee and all arrangements.

5. For the fee, we undertake to provide a written, independent critique. While we always endeavour to be as helpful as we can to new writers, the fee covers the read and report only as described.

6. Your work will always be treated in the strictest confidence and the copyright of your work is yours and remains yours at all times.

7. The copyright of the report remains with The Writers’ Practice – but we’re usually more than happy for you to quote the report to agents and publishers and on personal websites, as long as you clear it with us first.

8. We will only make a recommendation to our agent, contacts or publishers if we feel your work is potentially publishable, and obviously with your full agreement first. However we will never be able to guarantee the response.

9.The agency is not responsible for projects undertaken by the consultancy, and authors contracted to the agency will be under no obligation to seek any advice from the consultancy. However, work deemed suitable and with the agreement of the author will be passed to the agency for consideration, while there might be occasion for work to be passed from the agency to the consultancy. Again, authors will always be ultimately responsible for their work, and any decisions surrounding it. No contract will be entered into without the prior agreement of the author.